Micromax unveils free messaging app, Hook Up

By Kul Bhushan
Micromax unveils free messaging app, Hook Up

Micromax has announced the launch of its own free messaging application called 'Hook Up'. The new messaging app is available for Android smartphones and will allow users to share images, music, videos, and the regular texting. Micromax's Hook-Up app is set to compete with other free cross platform services such as WhatsApp.

Micromax is offering the new IM services pre-loaded with its new A25 Smarty smartphone. The company says users of the A25 Smarty smartphones will be able to send messages to non-Hook-up users as well. Moreover, the company is offering up to 330 free messages per month for a year giving full return on the amount paid for the device.

Key features of the Micromax Hook Up include Single Entry Point: SMS and IM-Chat, group chatting, replace default SMS, view/manage/search messages and all media, messaging to non Hook-Up users voice recording, SPAM/Block list, Image/Photo, Video, Audio, Doodle, Contact and Location sharing.

Hook Up messaging service is available for the devices namely 57 Ninja 3.5, A87 Ninja 4.0, Q34, and X335. Users can download the app from here.

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