MeeGo team to part ways with Nokia

By Tanmay Patange Published Date
06 - Jul - 2012
| Last Updated
06 - Jul - 2012
MeeGo team to part ways with Nokia

Sotiris Makrygiannis, MeeGo's Head of Development has announced that the entire MeeGo team will be parting ways with Nokia.

MeeGo announced this just after releasing the MeeGo PR1.3 update for the Nokia N9, which was the first and last MeeGo phone by Nokia. The Finnish mobile manufacturer will be now concentrating fully on the development of Windows Phones with the help of Microsoft.

MeeGo was very closely involved in the launch of various handsets by the Nokia, such as N770, N800, N810, N900, N950 and the N9. MeeGo, as you know, is a Linux-based open source operating system designed for various hardware platforms such as netbooks, desktops, tablets, and mobile computing. It is currently being spearheaded by the Linux Foundation.

Fans and users of MeeGo OS are now clamouring to make their opinions heard about this situation on Maemo forums. It is obvious that MeeGo is about to face some hard times and difficulties after leaving Nokia's top grossing resources and environment.

The big-powered mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.5 have already managed to demolish the other lesser known operating systems like MeeGo, Symbian, webOS etc. So, what about their future?

Now let's consider these three operating systems for a while. Recently, webOS platform failed to make it big on the consumer tablet scene, with the flop of the HP TouchPad. Symbian is still working hard to perform well in the industry – and is expected to be phased out by 2014.

Now let us talk about MeeGo, which is a very simple and easy-to-use mobile operating system that has not yet managed to play with the those in the big leagues. The last known MeeGo smartphone, the Nokia N9, was never really the first choice by consumers, despite its unique design and postive reviews. The lack of consumer adoption certainly affects the overall growth and quality of the company, but we shall wait and see if MeeGo manages to rise out of the slump of its nearly aborted launch.


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