LG GT505 - TFT touchscreen, 5MP cam, Wi-Fi & GPS - Price under Rs. 17,000 Review

LG GT505 - TFT touchscreen, 5MP cam, Wi-Fi & GPS - Price under Rs. 17,000

` 17,000
70 100
LG GT505 - TFT touchscreen, 5MP cam, Wi-Fi & GPS - Price under Rs. 17,000


  • Ships with scratch proof LCD sticker
  • 5MP camera with auto-focus & LED flash
  • Wi-Fi & A-GPS with Wisepilot Navigation software


  • Sluggish touchscreen interface
  • Poorly built loudspeaker
  • Lack of quality camera lens for video recording

Our Verdict

LG GT505 fails to impress as a good mid-range multimedia phone, due to a poor quality loudspeaker and the lack of a quality camera lens, leaving a lot to be desired at a price of Rs. 17,000.

The LG GT505 is a mid-level touchscreen social networking phone. It is available in only one Black variant. It has a hard plastic body with a gray brushed metallic finish on 'select' and 'call control' buttons and back panel. The contours of the body are well rounded for a comfortable grip. It ships with a scratch proof LCD screen sticker, bundled earphones/handsfree set and battery charger. The battery cover is well built with a slide and click mechanism. The side panels feature the volume control buttons, USB/power slot, keylock button and the camera button on one side and microSD slot on the other.

LG GT505 (front view)

LG GT505 - camera, keylock & volume control buttons

The front buttons and side panel buttons produce good tactile feedback. These buttons are conveniently placed for ease of access. The touchscreen interface incorporates a home screen with widget-like menu system including call access, personal profile, messaging and communication as sub-categories. The touchscreen is quite sluggish and does not register the input on several occasions, especially while typing.

LG GT505 - hot swappable microSD slot

LG GT505 - 5MP camera with auto-focus & LED flash

It has support for Wisepilot Navigation software featuring voice routing capabilities and A-GPS navigation, and can be downloaded as a trial version from the LG website. In addition, it also bundles Google Maps, web browser, voice recorder.

LG GT505 - battery compartment

The Verdict:

LG GT505 had a consistent outing in the signal reception and call clarity test. However, it lost out in the captured photo and captured video test with an ordinary score. It did a fair job in the bundled earphones test with a score of 8 on 10. It does not impress as a good multimedia phone due to a poorly built loudspeaker and lack of good bass in the audio output. Also, the lack of a quality camera lens makes it a poor choice for video recording. Hence, at Rs. 17,000 it leaves a lot to be desired as a mid-range phone.

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