iPhone 4 and 4S price slashed in India ahead of iPhone 5 launch: Reports

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iPhone 4 and 4S price slashed in India ahead of iPhone 5 launch: Reports

According to reports quoting an Apple spokesperson, the company has slashed its iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 pricing in India, ahead of the iPhone 5 launch. Airtel and Aircel however, have not updated the prices on their websites yet.

The reported new price of the Apple iPhone 4S (16GB) is Rs. 41,400, while the iPhone 4 (8GB) now bears a price of Rs. 28,300, indicating a drop of Rs. 3,100 and Rs. 9,600, respectively. The iPhone 3GS, as announced, has been discontinued.

We expect the iPhone 5 to hit the Indian market by November this year, and to bear pricing similar to, or slightly higher than the iPhone 4S pricing at launch, in November last year – starting from Rs. 44,500 for the 16GB model.

The demand for the iPhone 5 in India is quite high, with the device selling briskly in the grey market and via online retailers, who are charging a hefty premium for the device, with prices as high as Rs. 1,00,000 for the 64GB model.

You can check out our previous coverage, to get a better idea of the online and grey market pricing.

Source: DailyBhaskar

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