Google to fix 2.5 year old Android Wi-Fi bug; better late than never?

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Google to fix 2.5 year old Android Wi-Fi bug; better late than never?

Well, better late than never seems to be the mantra at Google. The MountainView based company has finally announced a plan to fix a longstanding bug in their Android operating system which basically prevented devices running the particular OS from resolving host names on some Wi-Fi networks without using the full domain.

Known as Issue 8030, the problem was not experienced by most users, but those who were unfortunate enough to be subject to it, were visibly frustrated. This issue was mostly prevalent on Wi-Fi that are open to connect to, but require authentication through a web-page to browse the internet.

The bug may be annoying, but what’s more frustrating that it was first reported some two and a half years ago and the big G has just got around to resolving it.

Google says that due to “prioritization and resource” management, the bug could not be addressed till now, but the version of Android to come after 4.2 (Key Lime Pie?) will contain the fix. Whether the fix would also percolate to other older versions of the OS through a system update or a patch is not yet known, but we can only hope that to be the case.

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