Bharti Airtel introduces mEducation services

Airtel has come up with a new service called mEducation, which allows its subscribers to access courses for English learning and competitive exams. The new services range from Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 10 per day.

By Kul Bhushan Published Date
02 - Jan - 2013
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02 - Jan - 2013
Bharti Airtel introduces mEducation services

Bharti Airtel has today announced a new initiative called the mEducation. The new Airtel services will allow Airtel subscribers to access courses such as English learning, preparation for competitive exams and even career counselling on their cell phones.

"In many parts of the country, access to formal education is still restricted. Mobile platform has the potential to bridge this restriction using technology. Airtel mEducation service uses technology-enabled platforms to address the challenging issues of education with an endeavour to enrich the lives of our customers," Bharti Airtel President (Consumer Business) K Srinivas is quoted as saying.

"The innovative new service platform now enables Airtel mobile customers across the country to easily access a host of education services including courses for language skills, entrance exam preparation and career counselling from the best of universities and professors in the country with just a few clicks on their mobile phones," it said.

Airtel's new services range from Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 10 per day. The services are available on both voice IVR and SMS format. These courses provide interactive learning in the native language of the customers.

Airtel is also offering mock tests for entrance and competitive examinations such as UPSC, MBA for Rs 99 for 12 mock tests.

Source : TOI

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