Apple rolls out iOS 6.1.4 update for iPhone 5

This update brings in 'updated audio profile for speakerphone'

By Vishal Mathur
Apple rolls out iOS 6.1.4 update for iPhone 5

Oh dear, no one in rumor-land got the sniff of this one. Landing as a surprise, Apple has rolled out the iOS 6.1.4 update, which tweaks the audio profiles and enhances audio from the handsfree speaker on the device. This update is specifically for the iPhone 5. The change log released by Apple simply states “Updated audio profile for speakerphone”, and the update itself is around 11.5MB in size. While the update size isn’t too big, we would still advice updating this over Wi-Fi. If the update isn’t showing up on your device just yet, have patience, because the updates are always sent out in batches.

However, once the update rolled out, the people of the rumor world do suggest that this update will bring in minor security updates directed at a particular phone model. However, Apple has not said anything regarding any security or performance tweaks with this update, so we would assume this is more of a case of the rumor people smarting at the moment.

This could be one of the last updates that iOS 6 may get, considering the iOS 7 is being tipped for a preview at WWDC this summer, and a release well before the end of the calendar year. Sir Jonny Ive has been in charge of the development of iOS 7 and it is believed that radical UI changes in terms of visual appearance are in the works, with the focus on simplicity getting prime importance. A recent report suggested that while the development is running behind schedule, Apple’s bosses are giving Sir Ive all the time he needs to polish the OS. One of the things being suggested is the ‘flat’ design and the doing away with the skeuomorphic interface.

Source: Apple

Vishal Mathur

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