HP Pavilion G6-2302AX

09 - Jul - 2013
HP Pavilion G6-2302AX

    HP Pavilion G6-2302AX Price in India

  • 29990/-

HP Pavilion G6-2302AX Brief Description

The HP Pavilion G6-2302AX is an entertainment laptop that is ideal for your AMD APU Dual Core A4 2.5 GHz With Turbo Core Technology Upto 3.0 GHz Processor and runs on Windows 8 (64 bit) OS.
The Pavilion G6-2302AX Laptop supports 4GB DDR3 RAM expandable upto 8 GB for faster processing. The Laptop has 500 GB HDD and an 8 X SuperMulti DVD Writer with Dual Layer Support. 

HP Pavilion G6-2302AX Specification

Basic Information
model name
Pavilion G6-2302AX
launch date (global)
operating system (with version)
Windows 8 (64 bit)
laptop type
display size (in inches)
display technology
HD BrightView LED-backlit Display
1366 x 768
wireless connectivity
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 HS
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • 2 x USB 3.0
  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • Built in HD Webcam
pointing device
TouchPad supporting multi-touch gestures and on/off button
ram included (in gb)
ram type
ram speed (in mhz)
ram expandability options (no. of unused slots)
physical specifications
laptop weight (in kgs)
laptop dimension (in mm)
376 x 244 x 36.3
processor model name
AMD A8 (2nd generation)
clock speed
1.9 Ghz
graphics processor
  • 512 MB AMD Radeon HD 7640G
  • 1 GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 7670M
ultra-low voltage (yes or no)
hard drive type
hard drive capacity
500 GB
hard drive speed (in rpm)
optical drive
SuperMulti DVD burner
battery backup (in hours)
battery type
6 cell li ion
battery expandability options (yes or no)
power supply
90 W AC Power Adapter
Altec Lansing Speakers
sound technology
Dolby Advanced Audio v2
warranty and manufacturer info
warranty length
1 year
warranty details
details of pre-installed software
pre installed software
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      1. Sam11/12/2012
        if your budget is 40k, better invest 1-2k more and grab this. you get 3rd gen Core i5 with the same graphics card with Windows 7....
      2. Jojo11/12/2012
        [QUOTE=Sam;1800293]if your budget is 40k, better invest 1-2k more and grab this. you get 3rd gen Core i5 with the same graphics card with Windows 7....
      3. Jojo11/12/2012
        hey, thanks for the suggestion, i checked out the HP Pavilion G6-2016TX and its pretty good. firstly it has Intel ci5 (3rd gen) which is good since i was not aure about the AMD in the first place. also it has 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon 7670M HD which is decent for playing games! rest of the config is same, just 500GB HDD instead of 1TB , but I...
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      1. Cilus11/01/2013
        The i5 Laptop will perform better in games as the GPU is same for both the Laptops. Since most of the 15.6" Laptops offer resolution of 1366X768, games become little CPU bound and the one with better CPU will perform better. However, i3 2370M is also very capable Processor and I don't think the other one with i5 will have significant gaming...
      2. N3rd11/01/2013
        i5>i3, but i3 is fine too. 2GB graphic card is just a gimmick really. Especially given your screen resolution.
      3. Sagarsoni11/01/2013
        thank you guys............ you changed my mood :) -_-
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        So I recently opened my laptop and cleaned the heat sink. It was clogged with dirt and the laptop was overheating. Everything went fine and the overheating problem was resolved. But now there's a bigger problem. Windows doesn't recognize the closing of lid anymore. Whenever I close the lid my laptop doesn't go off to sleep/turn off display. I'm...

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          I own a HP pavilion G6 1318ax and recently it was shipped to me by my friend after which I noticed that most of the keys of the bottom two rows were not working (the screen had broken while shipping so I think this also must be due to damages). I opened the laptop to clean the fan today and the keyboard seemed fine, I mean there were no cracks...

          1. Anirbandd02/05/2014
            get the TVSE Gold USB version and type away in style, for a long long time :)
          2. Ravi84702/05/2014
            thanks but i need something cheaper and also please suggest an internal keyboard.Around 500-600 bucks.
          3. Anirbandd03/05/2014
            oops. sorry. no idea. that TVSE Gold is real gold of a keyboard. even if its costly, you wont regret it once you use it. ive been using one since the last 5yrs. PS/2 one.
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