Dell Chromebook 11

18 - Dec - 2013
Dell Chromebook 11

    Dell Chromebook 11 Price in India

  • 18000/-

Dell Chromebook 11 Brief Description

Dell Chromebook 11 ultrabook runs Chrome OS and has Intel Celeron (4th generation) 1.4 GHz processor. It has Intel HD Graphics processor. The laptop comes with 11.6 inch IPS display screen with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution.
Dell Chromebook 11 has 16 GB SSD and 4 GB DDR3 RAM. It comes with an additional 100GB of free Google Drive storage. It has WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 for faster data transfer.
This Dell ultrabook comes w

Dell Chromebook 11 Specification

Basic Information
model name
Chromebook 11
launch date (global)
operating system (with version)
laptop type
display size (in inches)
display technology
IPS display
1366 x 768
wireless connectivity
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2 x USB 3.0
  • HDMI
  • Built in HD Webcam
  • Memory card reader
pointing device
ram included (in gb)
ram type
ram speed (in mhz)
ram expandability options (no. of unused slots)
physical specifications
laptop weight (in kgs)
laptop dimension (in mm)
processor model name
Intel Celeron (4th generation)
clock speed
1.4 Ghz
graphics processor
Intel HD Graphics
ultra-low voltage (yes or no)
hard drive type
hard drive capacity
16 GB
hard drive speed (in rpm)
optical drive
battery backup (in hours)
battery type
battery expandability options (yes or no)
power supply
sound technology
warranty and manufacturer info
warranty length
1 year
warranty details
details of pre-installed software
pre installed software
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    • Google chromebook now available at $249

      The Chromebook finally goes on preorder and its cheap! $249 is a neat price! and the punchline says it all - [B]Boots in seconds, has virus protection built-in, and runs your favorite Google apps plus thousands more.[/B] [url=]Introducing the new...

      1. Rajnusker23/10/2012
        Phail product.
    • Chromebook review: samsung series 5

      Source: [URL=""]ZD Net[/URL] and [URL=""]CNET[/URL] Chromebook have made their debut; now here comes the first review of Chromebook: [URL=""]The first Chromebook Review: Samsung Series...

      1. Sygeek15/06/2011
        [url=]Don't expect much from the Chromebook[/url].
      2. Metalheadgautham15/06/2011
        This thing would be an epic fail in the Indian market. Its for those who have 24/7 always on unlimited 3G connections...
      3. Liverpool_fan15/06/2011
        [QUOTE=MetalheadGautham;1424684]This thing would be an epic fail in the Indian market. Its for those who have 24/7 always on unlimited 3G connections...[/QUOTE] A part of me wishes that these devices become very popular so that we finally get real fast unlimited broadband. :|
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    • Chromebook

      Hi, Whats its advantage over traditional windows based systems? Hows its software? Can we use MS offfice 2010 on it? Is it advisable to purchase? Hows service backup?

      1. Thetechfreak12/08/2011
        Well, I think you are having a bit of Misconceptions on what Chromebook actually is Read a bit here- [url=]What Is The Google Chromebook?[/url] and here - [url=]Chromebook[/url] There isnt any specific port o MS Office 2010 yet but If you sign up for a...
    • Will chromebook become success??

      With features like 8 second boot time, auto repairing chrome OS, one can be sure that it is going to give Windows 7 Starter Machines a fairly tough competition. Microsoft has a upper hand though when it comes to application softwares.

      1. Krishnandu.sarkar19/06/2011
        I don't guess Chromebook will see any success. Well, let me define the factors for my so called thinking.. 1. [B]Data Security :[/B] We don't know how secure is our personal data on cloud. I don't think people would like to share their everything with google or store them on some server. What if the server gets hacked or so?? If people starts...
      2. Liverpool_fan19/06/2011
        Yes, Chromebook will see a lot of success in the enterprise: 1. [B]Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) : [/B] Chromebook costs very cheap for enterprises in terms of ownership, and maintenance. Also it will be based on web platform, so there would be no added cost either in licensing or upgrading. 2. [B]Applications :[/B] The applications...
      3. Slashdk20/06/2011
        I believe that it will be successful only in enterprises in developed countries with widespread Wi-Fi / WiMax / 3G / 4G net access(namely US, Norway, Finland and a few other EU nations). It won't work in India because of the lack of reliable and cheap internet. You need a plan with a limit of 10s of GBs for it to be possible to use net 24/7 for...
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    • Can a chromebook replace a laptop/notebook for everyday tasks?

      Hi friends, I have been following up on the development of chromebooks and it seems lots are adopting them at a fast rate. Chromebook sales accounted for 21 percent of all U.S. notebook sales at the end of 2013. While the average chromebook manages 6- 8 hours of charge,the upcoming Acer one which comes with Tegra K1 comes with a whopping 13...

      1. Vyom20/08/2014
        What an average person do on their laptops/PCs? 1. Checking Emails 2. Surfing Facebook, TOI etc sites 3. Playing Poker/Farmville etc games 4. Editing a word document or an excel spreadsheet 5. Listening to music as MP3 or online (songs dot pk) 6. Watching videos as p!rates or Youtube Hence for an average joe, all these things can be performed on...
      2. Nerevarine20/08/2014
        That excellent battery life IMO is the key selling point.. I never use my laptop for gaming, just normal browsing and stuff like that, and IMO chromebook is worth it as it is quite cheap.. Im not sure but if it doesnt lag in browsing (15+ tabs open) and has adequate storage along with a better than average display quality, id consider buying one...