YouTube for Schools launched, with subject playlists and no distractions

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YouTube for Schools launched, with subject playlists and no distractions

YouTube has launched YouTube for Schools, a new service targeted at institutions of learning, featuring educational videos, as well as no distractions, with only relevant content being shown.

YouTube for Schools was introduced in a blog post by Brian Truong, product manager for the online video sharing site, and can be found at Google’s vision behind the service was to deliver a platform where teachers would be able to show their students the “vast array of educational videos on YouTube,” without being worried about distractions in the form of irrelevant or inappropriate recommended videos, such as the “the latest music video or a video of a cute cat.”

Therefore, in other words, the new service is more “a network setting for school administrators,” restricting access to educational content only, and subject-aligned relevant playlists from more than 600 partners, such as MIT, Numberphile, Smithsonian, Steve Spangler Science, and TED, most of which was previously also found on the YouTube EDU site along with university-level content.

YouTube for Schools will launch with more than 300 subject playlists from mathematics to science, and English, sorted by grade level. They can be found at Teachers can also suggest their own playlists.

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