Yahoo collaborates with Facebook for site revamp

Yahoo Inc. has decided to revamp its ailing website by teaming up with Facebook and giving its site a complete overhaul making it more social and user friendly.

By Silky Malhotra
Yahoo collaborates with Facebook for site revamp

Yahoo has introduced a new newsfeed feature with infinite scroll similar to that on Facebook and Twitter which will allow users to log in through their Facebook IDs and be able to access information about their friends varying from articles to birthdays, videos, etc.

This the biggest product revamp taken by CEO Marissa Mayer since she took over the ailing company last year. Yahoo has been the most visited site but its revenues have declined in recent years. It has lost its internet space to competitors like Google as well as Facebook.

The major changes that will be coming out in the next few weeks will include mobile applications for smartphones as well as tablets. This makeover follows the new updated version of Yahoo mail that was introduced in December 2012. It is said that with this move Yahoo will strength its ties with Facebook to compete against Google for Web users' attention. However it still remains to be seen whether the revamp will actually bring back Yahoo's Internet audience.

Yahoo has given a forecast for a modest increase in revenues for the year but it is still not much compared to the growth of its competitors like Google and Facebook which have the majority of the market share. Yahoo will be rolling out the new look for US users over the next few days though nothing has been said about its global rollout plans yet.

Source: CNET

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