Google releases a faster Drive version 1.1.592.10 for Android 3.0+

Google has released a new version of its original Drive app for Android that promises improved performance.

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Google releases a faster Drive version 1.1.592.10 for Android 3.0+

Google has not elaborated on the Drive update but has stated that users will have a more efficient and faster experience while using the application.

Google Drive helps you store data, documents, pictures, etc. with ease and with the updated version 1.1.592.10 now you can share these files, etc much more efficiently.

Google has added two new features that can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store (7.2 MB) absolutely free. The app ensures performance improvements as well as fixes bugs in Google Drive.

The first feature allows you to stream video files with ease on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or higher. This is very useful for users who like to share files in their work place or with friends. Now you can stream all your documents, videos, etc directly from your Google Drive and view it on your Android Device.

The second new feature that has been added is the pinch-to-zoom support in the presentation viewer. This tool is helpful for users who have Android devices with small screens. Now you can see tiny details on charts with just a touch of your finger without having to go through complicated menus, tools, etc.

Google will now be supporting around 44 percent of Android users which is much better than the Chrome applications available for Android. Google has been updating Drive Apps almost every month. The last major update was in December 2012 for Android and for iOS in January 2013.

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