Rocket Racing coming this February [PlayStation Minis]

By Faiyaz Shaikh
Rocket Racing coming this February [PlayStation Minis]



Rocket Racing


Halfbrick has announced that they will be releasing another game for PlayStation Minis, around the same time as Age of Zombies. Rocket Racing will be a top-down arcade style racing game featuring racing techniques like drifting and wall-boosting. The game is set in a futuristic city with 24 tracks suspended above the clouds, in three different game modes. Rocket Racing will also feature poor man’s multiplayer mode (Party Mode) with support for up to four players.

This game is currently tracking a late February release and will be available for download (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable) on the PlayStation Store, for USD 4.99. To get a feel of the game, you can watch the game-play video, followed by a few screenshots in the image gallery.




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