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Thread: Summer training for 3rd year computer science student

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    Default Summer training for 3rd year computer science student

    Hi,, i am a 3rd year student of computer science engineering.. Can you guys suggest me a good place for doing the summer training? Preferably the software companys or IBM,Infosys etc..

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    Default Re: Summer training for 3rd year computer science student

    I'm waiting for an answer, I'm a 3rd year cse student too...
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    Default Re: Summer training for 3rd year computer science student

    Hi ..... i too am a 3 Year Engg student (i.t)

    Planning to go for a course during my summer holidays ( 1.5 months) ..... any suggestions ?

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    Default Re: Summer training for 3rd year computer science student

    CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., is a Northern India oldest & first ISO certified Engineers Training Company with a bright history of conducting Summer & winter Training in collaboration with STEP-IIT Roorkee, and successfully conducted on campus training program at more than 100 engineering colleges across the globe.

    CETPA announces it specialized Summer training program for CS & IT students with an objective to ensure that our Summer training program mapped with the Software industry requirements so that we can bridge the huge gap between the academic learning and what is desired by the Industry. Training at CETPA is not just to get a certificate but to equip students to be professionals. It is seen that most of the students borrow projects or purchase some sub standard projects from the market which does them more harm than good. In this way the student neither learns anything nor gains valuable knowledge.

    For Computer Science & Infomation Technology engineering & related branches students, we provide training on

    1. .NET with Major Projects

    2. J2EE (JAVA) with Major Projects

    3. PHP with Major Projects

    4. Web Designing

    5. Web Hosting

    Summer Training Months:- April 2010 to August 2010
    (For exact batch dates please refer our website

    Training Duration:- 4 weeks & 6 weeks

    Training Location:- Greater Noida, Lucknow, Roorkee, Noida & Meerut

    For Registration & More details Contact:

    0120-6453074, 0522-6590802, 9212172602, 9258017974

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