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Thread: Windows xp registry size?

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    Default Windows xp registry size?

    Whats ur windows xp registry size .
    Mine is 179MB

    To find registry size go to run->regedit->file-> export and save the registry and see its size

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    Default Re: Windows xp registry size?

    120 mb ......
    ... W H O T ...

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    Default Re: Windows xp registry size?

    Windows Vista 233MB

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    Default Re: Windows xp registry size?


    On Windows 2000, it is common for an installation utility to check the current and maximum size of the registry to determine whether there is enough available space for the new data it will be adding. This sample demonstrates how to do this programmatically using the "% Registry Quota In Use" performance counter within the System object.

    Setting a maximum size for the registry sets an upper limit on how large the area designated for registry data can become. You might need to increase the maximum registry size if the amount of registry data produced by programs exceeds the limit you set under Registry size.

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