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Thread: website is not opening on my pc

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    Default website is not opening on my pc

    "" or "" are not opening on my PC-

    since last couple of months..i have been seeing that in many computers (including mine) this website is not opening..all other websites are opening but this particular website is not opening..".. cant find the server at"..i had tried to open this website-"" or "" on every browser like (IE6,IE7,Mozilla firefox 3,Opera 9.65,netscape navigator,google chrome) but it didnt open..
    i had also checked my firewall settings and security settings of all browsers and also the parental control..every thing is fine and there is no block on this website..but still it encounters problem..
    NOTE : i have tried to open this website on my pc as well as on some of my friend's PC's and they also experience the same problem on their Pc's...but one thing to note is my college internet lab..there is one PC on which this website opens per as my knowledge..only on that PC the above mentioned website opens..Why is it so..?? The website opens in that PC and why it is not opening in our PC..I tried to figure out the settings on that PC..and everything is normal..the only thing is that it runs its browser.

    Plz tell me what i should do order to open this website on my PC..
    iam currently using IE7 and Firefox 3 browsers..and my PC model is compaq presario 1530 IL
    OS- windows XP Pro sp3
    Ram- 512 md
    HDD-80 gb
    ISP-BSNL Broadband

    kindly help me

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    Default Re: website is not opening on my pc

    Well i dont think there is a problem

    it might be that mobango servers were off wen u tried
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    Default Re: website is not opening on my pc

    if the servers were off ..then why at the same time its opening in my college computer..i dont think its server is off..and even if it is off..then i dont think that it will be off for 4-5 months..any other suggestion??

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