How much phone memory is enough? How much do you use?



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  • 4GB

    1 3.85%
  • 8GB

    10 38.46%
  • 16GB

    7 26.92%
  • 32GB

    7 26.92%
  • 64GB+

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Thread: How much phone memory is enough? How much do you use?

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    Default How much phone memory is enough? How much do you use?

    post what takes up memory in your devices in this format:

    Device Name:
    Internal Memory capacity:
    Memory Card capacity:

    Other Docs:

    Cloud Storage:
    When it comes to memory in smartphones, esp while recommending purchases, was wondering how much memory is enough for a typical user. have seen a lot of threads where just lowering the memory capacity brings devices into people's budgets. this is to guage how much memory gets used, and by what

    include podcasts in music, and vidcasts in videos, comix and e-books in documents.

    PS: don't worry about exactness, guesstimates will do

    eg, here's mine

    Device Name: iPhone 3GS
    Internal Memory capacity: 8GB
    Memory Card capacity: 0

    Apps: 3.7 GB
    Music: 0 GB
    Photos: 1.2 GB
    Videos: 0 GB
    Other docs: 0.5 GB

    Cloud Storage: 0.3 GB
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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough?

    Device Name: Samsung Galaxy S2
    Internal Memory capacity: 16GB
    Internal Memory capacity [excluding OS]: 11.5GB

    Apps: 3.0 GB [Include game datas]
    Music: 0 GB
    Photos: 760 MB
    Videos: 0 GB
    Other docs: 200 MB
    Free: 7.59 GB [Will fill it apps and games once i update it to ICS]

    Memory Card capacity: 32GB
    Apps: 0 GB
    Music: 1.1 GB
    Photos: 120 MB
    Videos: 24.3 GB [Music Videos and Movies]
    Titanium Backup for Apps: 610 MB
    Free: 3.39 GB [For Future Apps Back up]

    Thats too much lol waiting for ICS then no free space
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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough?

    Device Name: SGY
    Internal Memory capacity: 160mb
    Memory Card capacity: 16gb
    Apps: 1.5gb
    Music: 4gb
    Photos: 1gb
    Videos: 2gb
    Other Docs: 500mb
    Cloud Storage: currently nil

    extra space for download: 5gb
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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough?

    Storage , the more you have , the more you'd want. But the less you have , you'll find a way to manage.

    I think 8 GB is sufficient for a Smartphone [ many , many would disagree]

    There is no point in keeping 1000+ mp3s in your phone, one can do with their favourites playlist.

    Videos , takes up a lot of space , but again , no point in keeping 1080p videos on your phone.

    Photos ~ 1 GB , Apps ( incl. Games ) ~ 1 - 2 GB

    I have been using Nokia N73ME for the past five years with a paltry 2GB Mini SD

    Device Name: N73 ME
    Internal Memory capacity: 44 MB
    Memory Card capacity: 2 GB

    Apps: 0.1 GB
    Music: 0.500 GB
    Photos: 0.400 GB
    Videos: 0.600 GB
    Other docs: ~0.050 GB
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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough?

    Device Name: Moto Defy
    Internal Memory capacity: 1.24GB
    Memory Card capacity: 4GB

    Apps: 0.7 GB
    Music: 1.77 GB
    Photos: 0.2 GB
    Videos: 0.1 GB
    Other docs: 0.9 GB
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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough?

    I think 8Gb is enough for OS and Apps and all videos and entertainment media should be in external storage.

    I am soon going to buy phone..galaxy S3 or better.. and am gonna buy 16-32 GB card at least with it..

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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough?

    Device Name: LG Optimus One P500
    Internal Memory capacity: 0.2GB
    Memory Card capacity: 8Gb

    Apps: 0.1GB
    Music: 1.3GB
    Photos: 0.1GB
    Videos: nil
    Other Docs: 0.025GB

    Cloud Storage: 0.1GB

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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough?

    Device Name: Nokia E63
    Internal Memory capacity: 0.938Gb
    Memory Card capacity: 1.89 GB

    Apps: 30MB/40MB
    Music: 12MB/1.4GB
    Photos: 19MB/20MB
    Videos: 0MB/0MB
    Other Docs: 6MB/38MB

    Cloud Storage: N/A

    If it gets any cookies, I connect to a vps via ssh, having 25gb space, 1000mbps node speed
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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough? How much do you use?

    I flashed a new ROM so not much on my phone right now, but this is what usually is there:

    Device Name: LG Optimus One
    Internal Memory capacity: 200MB
    Memory Card capacity: 8GB

    Apps: 100MB
    Music: 2GB
    Photos: 20-30MB
    Videos: 200MB
    Other Docs: 100MB + ROMs
    Cloud Storage: --
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    Default Re: How much phone memory is enough? How much do you use?

    Never satisfied with the capacity of memory cards . I always end up wanting more.
    BTW now I have an 8GB card that came bundled with my phone. Planning to upgrade to 16 GB or more when I get to see a good offer or sale
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