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Thread: Help! Gamepad settings for GTA San Andreas

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    Default Help! Gamepad settings for GTA San Andreas

    I am using a gamepad for 3 months(approx) i want to use it to play gta san andreas. i know how to change settings in the game.

    but not able to get correct key assigned.

    please help me in assigning keys.

    it has only 10 buttons excluding the direction one.
    in the right side keys are numbered as 1,2,3,4.

    above directions, they is 5 and 7 and above right keys there is 6 and 8.

    in mid of direction and 4 keys there are 5 keys.
    9 and 10 and turbo, clear and slow. (how to use last 3 keys)

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    Default Re: Help! Gamepad settings for GTA San Andreas

    just set the funtions to those key inside the game setings. Set the most used buttons>direction, fire, aim, enter vehicle, jump, etc.
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