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Thread: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    i have been trying to get quick Draw McGraw but couldnt also searched To******.
    So far i have all the looney toons,hanna barbera,mgm and many old and golden collections in my collections.approx 31 dvds of 8.5gb each.Hope my children watch them in future.
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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    ^HEHE! I'm pretty sure they will.My collection is a bit smaller though but slowly building it up.Wanted to get Dexter's Lab season 2 desparately.I have small collection of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest too but quality is strictly OK.
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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    Really missing , after they have changed the logo they changed everything , i remember the old logo . and the cartoons , dexter , jetsons , MANY are there . but cant mention all . i was HUGE FAN of Cartoon Network . But now , I REALLY HATE Anim . after pokemon it all started. ..sigh.. Hungama is much better .

    anyone remember cartoon cartoons on fridays or dotcompick on saturdays was great
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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny1211993 View Post
    Hey guys where can i get batman of the future,justice league,X men,Flintstones,jetsons,dexter and sylvester and tweety.hey superman too
    If not then where can i get a time machine?
    BTW thnx Rahul.ill DL all those episode 2nite

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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    +1 ^^^^^^
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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeeshan Quireshi View Post

    Also , if anyone remembers there used to air a Series called "Ninja Robots" about 8-10 Years back on CN . That was my fav at that time
    yayaya.. Ninja Robots.... i used to see it wen i was in 5th standard... u know tht song at the end of the show... "NINJA ROBOTS, NINJA ROBOTS ... NA NA NA NA... ECSTACY... SOMEDAY WE'LL BE... POWERFUL SQUADRON..."

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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    @rahul .... bt how`s the quality ?

    i will b buying superman & batman animated soon .... 1 pack has 4 dvd`s ....

    bt JQ still not in market, hope they release them soon .....
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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    Well the quality of Swat Kats is very good , dont know abt the others,

    Btw which other animes r u gettin?

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    Angry Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    well, I used to Love this channel (as this is the only channel one can watch with whole family)

    But now this channel .... #@$@#$@#$ they are repeating the DragonBallz Third Time in a Row, Damn they drive me crazy the moment i thought they are starting the new series (which they says in the Adv. every day) the Series is started again and again and again. wonder when they start the new series.

    some time i wish if possible, to kaame-haame-haaa the cartoon network.
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    Default Re: Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    Most of the cartoon shows now are not good. But that's kind of OK when compared to watching some of them in regional language. Earlier I used to bear it watching in Hindi atleast that was ok. Now it's being dubbed in Telugu. Goodness Gracious! It's such a piece of crap. Literally!

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