Disney says there'll be a third standalone Star Wars movie in 2020

Disney CEO, Bob Iger confirmed that the company has hired a writer for the standalone movie, which will be released in 2020.

Published Date
23 - Sep - 2016
| Last Updated
03 - May - 2017
Disney says there'll be a third standalone Star Wars movie in 202...

Disney has confirmed a third Star Wars movie will be aired in 2020. This will be part of the standalone series, which begins with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in December this year. According to reports, Bob Iger, Disney CEO, has heard the script written for Star Wars Episode IX, scheduled for 2019. A writer has apparently also been hired for the 2020 film, which is unannounced as of now. 

Disney’s Star WarsWhere to buy 2712 movies will be aired on December every year, it seems. We have Rogue One scheduled for December this year, while Episode VIII is to premiere on December in 2017. This will be followed by a film on Han Solo, which is to be released in 2018, and that will be followed by Star Wars Episode IX in 2019. It seems the 2020 edition will follow all of these movies.

Disney is evidently alternating releases, between the extensions to the original series, and the standalone series each year. Iger told Deadline that he doesn’t expect the same results from Rogue One, as Disney got from Force Awakens. However, the “interest is high”.

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