Fujifilm introduces X-E1 mirrorless ILC, starting at roughly Rs. 70,000

Published Date
06 - Sep - 2012
| Last Updated
06 - Sep - 2012
Fujifilm introduces X-E1 mirrorless ILC, starting at roughly Rs....

Fujifilm has finally gone ahead and unveiled the X\-E1, their new mirrorless camera that they claim can take photos of quality that will match 35mm full frame DSLRs.

After the success of the X-Pro 1 (and its incredible price tag) a new addition to the X lineup was expected. The X-E1Where to buy 8265 has been rumoured for a while, with a series of questionable leaks, but it is all official now.

The camera features Fujifilm’s unique 16MP CMOS X-Trans sensor that we saw in the X-Pro 1 (read our review). The X-E1Where to buy 8265 does away with the X-Pro 1’s hybrid viewfinder and replaces it with an OLED viewfinder that has 2.36 million dots. There is even an onboard flash. All of this packaged into a “classic” camera body to lend it the vintage feel.

The X-E1Where to buy 8265 includes the classic film filters like Velvia and Provia that have made Fujifilm cameras stand out. The sensor also stands out in its unique array of pixel arrangement, yielding moire-free and tac sharp images. We’ve already seen the effectiveness of the sensor in the more expensive X-Pro 1.

Along with the X-E1Where to buy 8265, a few more lenses have been added to the X series lineup, like the 14mm f/2.8, 18-55 f/2.8-4. More lenses are expected to be added to the lineup in early 2013.

The availability of the X-E1Where to buy 8265 is not yet known, but the camera will be priced tentatively around INR 70,000 for body only and INR 90,000 for X-E1 with a kit lens.


Swapnil MathurSwapnil Mathur