Sun Direct HD [DTH] Review

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09 - May - 2011
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09 - May - 2011
Sun Direct HD [DTH]

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Sun Direct HD [DTH]: Detailed Review

This review of the Sun Direct HD is part of a shootout of all high-definition direct to home service providers in India. Find the final verdict there. Other players include:

Sun Direct HD is a DTH service that is quite popular in South India, which is the home of Sun TV network which owns this service. Just like Dish TV, you only get HD channels but it does not come with a digital video recorder.

The user interface is very simple and does not lag at all which we felt was a great plus point. It does not have any unnecessary graphics on the UI. The first channel you come across when you switch on the STB is the information channel which displays movie schedules, HD channels with their code numbers, and other offers on Sun Direct HD.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]Most of the channels did not have any program information which was sad. There is no option to set reminders as well. Layout of the remote control is a bit uneasy though. It’s great for someone who knows the channels by heart, but for most of us who channel surf, the button layout is annoying. You really have to bend your thumb to reach info and Exit buttons or to select the coloured buttons. The setup menu of the service looks quite attractive and is very easy to navigate through and make manipulations.

The Sun Direct HD watermark located on the left hand side of HD channels is distracting.

You can view photos or hear MP3 music off a USB drive by attaching it to the USB port behind which is a good feature. Now if only they had extended this functionality to videos as well, you would have a media player within the DTH box. Sun Direct HD is the only service which comes with a six month free subscription with its installation.

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Latest Forum discussions on Sun Direct HD DTH

  • Sun direct hd or airtel hd?

    Hi everyone, first of all is it worth to take an HD Set top box at this time as only few channels are availbale? I was going thorugh websites of tata sky, dish tv, sun, Big TV and airtel. Tata sky does not provide HD services at present in my place, Kerala. Dish TV provides HD only if we subscribe to their platinum packs(~ Rs. 325). Big TV...

    1. Gagan00714/02/2011
      I think in Bangalore Airtel is broadcasting WC on ESPN and Star in HD too. Between Sun Direct and Airtel, you should choose the one which gives you more channels of your choice. Airtel may not have packages which suit your taste as Sun is more inclined towards catering South Indian viewers. BTW I have no idea about Sun Direct's HD service...
    2. Sarincv16/02/2011
      But I got a reply from Airtel customer care that they won't be broadcasting ESPN/Star in HD during worldcup. Package wise Airtel is better. It has all south channels too at reasonable price. But it's not offering HD channels except National Geographic where as Sun has Movies now, NG, Discovery, Doordarshan and 4 Tamil/Telugu channels....
    3. Kamal_saran19/03/2011
      no, bro airtel is offering some new hd channels. I have airtel dish at home. And yesterday they add some new hd channels, they are discovery world, movies now, espn,
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  • Sun direct launches dth services in delhi/ncr

    New Delhi: Sun Direct Pvt Ltd, the country's leading direct-to-home (DTH) service provider, Wednesday launched its services in Delhi and the national capital region (NCR) as part of its pan India launch. The company with 1.5 million subscribers targets to reach 3-million subscriber base by the end of this year. "We are not making much noise...

    1. Ravi_979323/10/2008
      [quote=ThinkFree;972320] Sun Direct offers a basic package of over 130 channels for a reasonable introductory price of Rs.999 (10 months subscription) along with free dish and set-top-box and Rs.1,000 towards installation charges. (IANS) [/quote] This sounds very goof. Any link of sun Direct website.. or phone number.
    2. Utsav23/10/2008
      [QUOTE=ravi_9793;972402]This sounds very goof. [/QUOTE] goof or good?? :confused:
    3. Thinkfree23/10/2008
      Website : [url][/url] An ad was also there in today's HT>
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  • Indias first hd broadcast starts by sun dth

    here we go the HD era begins in india , [URL][/URL] eventhough starter is SUN ,tata and airtel already planned their HD broadcast by this year

    1. Cyberjunkie10/03/2010
      I thought this was launched a long time back but only for a couple of regional channels. It looks like Nat Geo and Discovery will be available. Great news!
    2. Vardos10/03/2010
      ^same, i too was waiting for the launch. I've saw those channels Nat Geo HD and discovery HD. So there will be some point to buy a LCD TV in India.
    3. Nix12/03/2010
      Its costly though. I heard the STB (set top box) costs 10k. And, a single channel costs 100 per month.
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  • Asus hd 6970 direct cu ii for 14k ---- 22k now

    [B][url=]Flipkart: Asus EAH6970DCII/2DI4S/2GD5: Graphics Card[/url][/B] so..Klipfart is now retailing computer hardware. Order this thing at your own...

    1. Guru_urug18/11/2011
      Wow...Flipkart sure is trying to gain dominance in the online market. The prices are good. But there are no MSi products (yet).
    2. The sorcerer18/11/2011
      Guys. Check with them you will be taking care of the replacement. If that 30-day thing is legit then some people can RMA via flipkart rather than through Rashi. But please note: Some people have complained that Flipkart does not update the availability check on their site and they take sweet time to let you know. Also Flipkart's site deletes any...
    3. Skud18/11/2011
      1gb memory on a 6970! :shock: This doesn't look real. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well the price is updated now, its Rs 22014/-. The RAM is not updated yet though.
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  • How to unlock av port in sun hd coship dth

    HI I got Sun HD+ Coship DTH. I tried connecting my speaker to DTH (Right/Left audio port) and found that no audio output was sent. Can anyone guide me in enabling audio out from DTH. They have procedure for samsung STB but not for coship. Thanks