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18 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Best Gaming Laptop Under Rs. 60000 with GTX 1050

Best Gaming Laptop Under Rs. 60000 with GTX 1050

18 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Which MF LASER Printer will you suggest me?

Hello Digit team, I want a MF Laser printer and the following printer specs are to be taken into and around Rs.15000/- price bracket, 2.laser type, 3.A3 printouts, 4.colour printout support, 5.multi-function support.I know I am asking more for low price but the multi-function feature can be neglected if you guys can\'t find the right printer at such low price.

18 - Jul - 20171 Answers

Buying a discounted Honor 8?

Is the Honor 8, now available below 20k a good deal? Are there any upcoming sub 20k phones to be released soon?

17 - Jul - 20171 Answers

Which is the best smartphone under 22k in india which could perform well for longer time?

Most of the phones start hanging after 1-2 year. I need a smartphone which could perform well for longer time.

17 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Best camera phone under Rs. 25000?

Excellent camera, fast performance and good after sales service are my only requirements.

14 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Smart Band

Dear Sir,Please suggest best budget smart band available in market.

12 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Should i buy Nokia 6?

I am planning to buy nokia 6. Please help me if its worth buying?

12 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Why are videos playing without user interaction in every page?

Except for the main page of, all the other pages have one or the other related video. Having them is not at all an issue, but they play them directly without waiting for any user input. This is bad for people who have limited internet. I hope you care for your readers

11 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Laptop for running VM machines

Dear Digit, please suggest laptop in the budget of 50k Max which have enough options to extend ram so I can create VM machines and run simultaneously. Will look forward for reply.

11 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Why is Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL) not listed in top smartphones under 20K list?

It is available at a price of 16,999 (Official site). It has SD625, 4 GB RAM, sonicmaster audio, premium look and, other features of any smartphone in this range. Also, it has lots of features in the camera section like laser AF, sony IMX298 sensor, OIS & EIS, sapphire glasss protection and much more. Yet, it is not listed in that list why?

10 - Jul - 20171 Answers

Why is my digit magazine not arriving?

My digit magazines are not arriving for the last 2 months please suggest me what to do now...thanks in advance.

09 - Jul - 20170 Answers

which tracking device is best in india from protection point of view

Hi,i want to know about tracking devices like trackr,gps tracker.which one is the best to use in india.Like trackr is a very small device but i want to know which one will be the best from use,size and perfection point of view.Like i recently lost my belonging in a train in which i had my valuable items.had there been a gps tracking device i culd have recovered that.

09 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Kindly recommend few graphic cards for my desktop computer. My budget is Rs.14000 to 17000.

Kindly recommend few graphic cards for my desktop computer. My budget is Rs.14000 to 17000. My computer specs are :Intel i5 3570k 3.4 ghz, Asus Maximum V Gene mb, Gskill 8 gb RAM, 2 tb HDD, Corsair 400R cabinet, Corsair Gs 600 smps. Previously I had Asus GTX 660 graphic card.

09 - Jul - 20170 Answers

Want help in buying 40 inch LED

I have budget of 25k to purchase 40 inch led. The selected models are VU, Sanyo, and TCl please help me with comparison and best LED ?

08 - Jul - 20171 Answers

Does playing games on a laptop not dedicated for gaming reduces the lifespan?

I have a dell 7560 the i5 version not i7 . If I play game for one to two hours at a stretch then will it reduce the lifespan? It has 4GB Nvidia card and I saw that the laptop tends to heat up a lot when I run the latest version of Tomb Raider.