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28 - Dec - 20162 Answers

which company CPU is best to buy for Desktop?

1. Price 10000 to 120002. should have good gaming performance.

26 - Dec - 20160 Answers

HP AY503TX vs ASUS R558UQ DM543

I am confused between this two, both have almost same price. HP with Amd R5 M430 graphics card vs Asus with Nvidia 940mx.Asus with i5 7th gen vs Hp with i5 6th gen.

25 - Dec - 20160 Answers


Hi,I\'m interested in purchasing a new laptop within 75-80k.I\'m an engineering student, so my basic work is programming. Also I\'m looking for a device rich in entertainment, light weight and durable with nice looks. I also do some gaming(roughly 8-10 hrs per week ).

25 - Dec - 20160 Answers

Does Moto M has NFC feature?

I had a look on its online official partner Flipkart. There\'s no option of Yes or No for NFC. And even some known websites are mentioning differently. The Moto launched in China itself has NFC

25 - Dec - 20160 Answers

10 inch calling tablet

I want to buy a calling tablet with Full HD 10 inch screen size tablet preferably with Windows OS or up-gradable Android. My budget is 20000-35000

22 - Dec - 20160 Answers

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y700 vs HP Pavilion 15-bc008TX

Hi, I want a laptop that can handle heavy applications. My use is for SAP, android, photoshop and movies. I chose lenovo ideapad y700 and hp 15-bc008tx and found the specs similar except for hard disk rpm. I liked the look of lenovo but want to purchase hp. Can you help decide which one to buy? And also can you please suggest a laptop that suits my usage which I mentioned above?

22 - Dec - 20160 Answers

Laptop under 50 K

I looking for a laptop under 50k less than 14 inches and I5 is fine. But it should be thin. I like Hp 745 but that is expensive

22 - Dec - 20160 Answers

Best laptop under 35k for web developing work.

I want to buy laptop for my web developing work and m0vie entertainment(1TB disk) under 35k budget. please guide me about laptops which would fall in the best category for above purpose.

21 - Dec - 20160 Answers

Can i use AV receiver with my HD TV?

I have a sony HD tv but it doesnt have digital audio out. I dont want to buy a blue ray player as it can be played on my tv via USB stick. If i buy AV receiver which is capable of HDMI - ARC, will it be able to take 5.1 audio from tv and play it through receiver - home theater?

21 - Dec - 20160 Answers

Are there any websites/companies that can fix/install software for my scanner (Epson Perfection V39) online

I bought an Epson Perfection V39 scanner. I have been trying to open the installed software, but in vain. I installed the drivers and when trying to open the software, \"Cannot communicate with the scanner. Make sure the scanner is on, correctly setup and connected with no errors in the scanner. If using an SCSI connection, restart your connection\". Please help me solve the issue.

20 - Dec - 20161 Answers

Is Sleep Better Or Constant Standby

I\'ve a HP notebook with windows 10,I use it daily.I use Cortana and want it to be my constant companion.So my question is that if I keep my laptop on charging even when its fully charged and just turn off the screen for the nights so that i can wake cortana anytime (never making it sleep) will it do any harm to my laptop or battery??

18 - Dec - 20160 Answers

Best budget phone within 10K

Should have good processor speed with 3/4 GB of RAM, Minimum specification (qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64-bitOcta Core,Processor Clock Speed-1.7 GHz). Have to buy within a week.

11 - Dec - 20160 Answers
11 - Dec - 20160 Answers

Lag free phone for regular use under 18k

Please suggest a 4g dual sim phone with good quality screen and totally lag free performance for regular and multimedia use only( no games or excessive apps). My current phone with 2gb ram and quad core snapdragon 410 lags a lot in dialer which just blows my fuse off.

10 - Dec - 20160 Answers

Which phone to buy Pixel or one plus 3?

I am looking for a fast ,gaming device with clear photography and multitasking.