Yahoo buys to-do list app Astrid

Astrid is the latest acquisition by Internet giant Yahoo, making it their 7th mobile app acquisition this calender year.

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Yahoo buys to-do list app Astrid

Yahoo has been vigorously working to expand its services across multiple platforms under new CEO Marissa Mayer. The latest move after Yahoo bought Summly is the acquisition of Astrid for an undisclosed amount.

Astrid is a to-do list and a personal assistant mobile app for Android and iOS, with roughly 4 million users. It allows users to collaborate on projects and sending reminders.

In a blog post, CEO and co-founder Jon Paris announced the company will be joining Yahoo's mobile team with a goal of "making the world's daily habits more inspiring and entertaining." Paris elaborated on the future of the app, saying that Astrid will continue working as before for the next 90 days, but will not accept any new premium subscriptions.

Yahoo will oversee refunds to eligible users who have paid for annual subscriptions. Users, however will be able to download any data they have input to the service.

This calender year Yahoo has acquired the likes of Stamped, OnTheAir Snip.It, Propeld (Alike), Jybe and Summly. Astrid being Yahoo's seventh acquisition this year gives us a taste of where Yahoo is coming from and where they are going.

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